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From September 29 to October 7 there is a unique event taking place in Almaty, Kazakhstan – a mountain unicycling festival. The festival has two parts: a 5-day unicycle tour through the beautiful landscapes of Kazakhstan, and a mountain-unicycle weekend/competition in Almaty to promote the sport of unicycling in Kazakhstan.

If you like to travel and are eager to visit new places, if you enjoy freeride unicycling and would like to ride a lot of different and beautiful landscapes with lots of nice people, if you like to test your skills and compete, this festival is exactly what you need!

Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018

+ 5-day unicycle tour through Kazakhstan
+ Total distance covered is 1000 km (including driving)
+ Daily riding distance is around 30 km
+ Escort vehicle allows participants to rest whenever they like
+ Food, water, and first aid is provided during the event
+ Evening spent in guest houses, often with hot springs or saunas

Apple wheel

+ A walking or unicycling tour through Almaty with a local guide
+ Downhill day in the mountains nearby Almaty
+ Mountain unicycling workshop
+ Cross-country muni competition as part of the Alatau Trail Fest, which includes many different mountain sports
+ Unicycle team games
+ Trials, flatland, and freestyle demonstrations



Anastasiya Kechutkina

Athlete. The founder of the movement of unicyclists in Kazakhstan.

Evgeniya Fromanyuk

Organizer of social and cultural projects in Almaty.

Jenni Rinker

Athlete. Organizer of international competitions in unicycle.