Position on holding «Almaty trail» festival

  1. Goals and objectives.
  • Development and popularization of unicycle in Kazakhstan.
  • Popularization ofa healthy lifestyle.
  • Increasing athletic skills of participants.
  • Development of domestic and external tourism.
  1. Organisation.

Festival organizer are «Unicycle.kz», «VELOTOUR Kazakhstan» and «Экстремальная Атлетика» Public Organization.

Direct guidance of preparation and holding an event:

* Kechutkina Anastassiya – sport admin;

* Formanuk Evgeniya – managing director.

  1. Tima and place.

The Festival will take place on September 29thuntil October 7th2018 in Almaty and its region, Kazakhstan.

  1. General information.

The festival mostly takes freeride, but also there will be other styles of unicycling in realtion to 70:30. Biggest part of those events will be exclusively for professionals, with an in advance registration to participate in «Almaty trail»; others are opened for everyone and aims to increase popularization of unicycling. Some parts of the festival will take place in a distant mountain lanscape and is potentially not safe.

  1. Stages of the Festival.

Festival has two parts:

  • Preregistredfor professionals – «Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018».
  • Opened for everyone– «Apple wheel».
  1. Preliminary Program of the Festival.

6.1. «Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018». September 29th – October 3rd, Free ride tour over Almaty region (see paragraph ).

6.2. «Apple wheel». October 4th-7th, Almaty.

October 4th. City tour.

15.00 – start of walking city tour with guide, with an escort vehicle. Visiting cultural attractions.

16.00 – start of unicycle tour. The tour will take route of interesting places to ride.

October 5th. Downhill day.

10.00 – departue out to mountains.

11.30 – workshop «Unicycle free ride».

13.30 – start of free riding on slopes.

21.00 – departue back to the city.

October 6th. Muni-weekend «Alatau Trail Fest 2018».

08.00 – departue to where competition will take place.

10:30 – gathering of participants at the start mark.

10:50 – pre-start briefing for participants.

11:00 – start.

13:00 – end of control time.

14.30 – departue back to the city.

October 7th. Closing the festival.

9.00 – participation in city bike ride*.

13.00 – team games (basketball/uni-polo)*/ Unicycling master class for beginners

16.00 – conferention «Unicycle as a lifestyle».

17.30 – master class for beginners.

19.00 – demonstrations: trial, flatland, freestyle*.

  1. Routes information of «Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018».


* Almaty;

* Assy Plateau;

* reservoir Bartogay;

* Charyn Canyon;

* Kolsay-1 and Kolsai-2 lakes;

* Kaindy lake;

* Temerlik Canyon;

* Chunja hot springs;

* red mountains of Boguty.


Total automotive part in region is 1000km

Cycling part: 300km max in five days depending on participants’ desire and skills


* technically: medium.

* physically: medium.

  1. Demads to participate in «Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018».
  • Age restrictions in free-ride: on the day of the ride participant must be 18 years old or older
  • Registering to free-rideparticipants take responsibility for their health and all possible risks, related to participation in the ride, and release organizers from any material, civil or criminal liability in the event of physical or material damage incurred by participants in the process of direct participation in the freeride tour.
  • Participants guarantee that they are aware of their state of health at the time of launch, about the limits of their physical abilities and the level of their technical skills.
  • Each participant before the start of the freeride tour signs a receipt on the removal of responsibility from the organizers of the festival.
  • A list of mandatory equipment that a participant must carry with him / herself throughout the course of the race:

* Unicycle;

* Helmet (and other protections);

* Individual first aid kit;

* Flask of water;

* Windcoat or/and raincoat.

At any point of the route, organizers may ask for mandatory equipment. In the absence of any of them, the organizers can remove the participant from a distance and transfer him to an escort vehicle. Also, the organizers have the right to prevent the participant from entering the route and transplant to the escort vehicle if his condition or actions are dangerous to him or to other tour owners.

  1. Responsibility of organizers of «Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018».

* Transportation of a tourist and his unicycle from the city to the cycling route and back.

* Car tracking on the cycle route.

* All entrances to eco-parks, environmental fees.

* Food and water during the races.

* The help of the cyclist on the route.

* Bicycle re-assembly (keys, pump, patches, spare chambers of all sizes, lubricants, repair kit for pumping the brakes and other tools and spare parts);

* First aid kit.

* Medical attendance on the route.

* Guide attendance.

* English-Russian translator attendance.

* Bivouaching equipment: table, chairs, dishes and so on..

* Accommodation in guest houses in the towns of Sata and Chunja.

* Breakfast, lunch and dinner in guest houses in the town of Sata

* Breakfast in Chunja

* Participants can rent a double tent or karemat (request must be submitted in advance).

  1. Muni-weekend information «Alatau Trail Fest 2018».

Programm of «Alatau Trail Fest 2018»: trailrunning, MTV-ride, duatlon (MTV + trailrunning), Skandinavian walking and muni-unicycling.

The competition area is located at an altitude of 1,200 – 1,400 meters above sea level. The terrain is hilly, the distance passes through the apple orchards along the dirt trails.

Place: Almaty region, Soldier’s gorge. The competition center will be located in the camp site “GUNNY”.

Distance: 10+ km.

Climbing: 500+ m.

Control time: 2:00h.

Food service at 5thkm (water, bananas, chocolate).

In the competition for Muni-Unicycling, two categories are included: Men and Women with subcategories Beginners and Continuing (in the application form, be sure to include your category).

Start of participants of different styles passes separately, but there is no separate start for different categories within one style.

  1. Demand for participants «Alatau Trail Fest 2018».
  • Anyone 18 years old ot older is allowed to participate in competitions if the participant does not have medical contraindications. Participants of 10-17 years old must have a representative along with them. Representative should sing a written consent given to the panel of judges.
  • Participants guarantee that they are aware of their state of health at the time of launch, about the limits of their physical abilities and the level of their technical skills.
  • Each participant before the start of the freeride tour signs a receipt on the removal of responsibility from the organizers of the festival.
  • A list of mandatory equipment that the participant must carry with him / herself throughout the course of the race:

* Unicycle;

* Helmet (and others).

In the absence of protection, the organizers can withdraw the competitor from the competition without returning the entry fee.

  1. Determination of winners of «Alatau Trail Fest 2018».

Winners are determined by the best time of passing the race in the categories of Men and Women, are awarded with diplomas, medals; if there will be sponsors winners will be awarded with valuable prizes.

All finishers who have finished and passed the control time are awarded with a medal of the finisher.

Preliminary results will be published on the information stand in the competition camp, and also be given out to each participant at the moment of his finish (printout with the finish time, intermediate cut-offs at checkpoints).

The final protocol will be published no later than October 10, 2018.

Direct competition is carried out by the main panel of judges of the Public Organization “Extreme Athletics”. The judge’s colleague includes a representative of “Unicycle.kz” – A.Kechutkina.

  1. Responsibility of organizers at «Alatau Trail Fest 2018»:
  • Preparation and necessary layout of the route;
  • The work of control points on routes;
  • Make sure emergency services are on duty;
  • Electronic mark (start / finish, intermediate points), timely publication of results in the starting town and on the race website;
  • Food service on routes;
  • Medals;
  • Award attributes and prizes to winners;
  • Start number, set of pins for fixing the number;
  • reusable personal chip (attached to the wrist, after the finish is given back to the judges);
  • Photography on routes (all footage will be posted on the race website).
  1. Financial aid.

Competitions are held at the expense of initial contributions of participants, own funds of organizers and sponsorship.


Registration is available at http://unicycle.kz/ from 01.06.2018 until 31.08.2018

Participant’s registration is completed after the entrance fee being payed.

The organizers have the right to refuse the application without explanation.

The cost of participation in the festival for the citizens of the CIS (price list is in Kazakh Tenge):

* Basic – 137 000 KZT

* Full – 215 000 KZT

* Muni-Weekend «Alatau Trail Fest 2018» – 7 000 KZT

The cost of participation in the festival for citizens of other countries (the estimated currency is the US dollar):

* Basic – $422

* Full – $657

* Muni-Weekend «Alatau Trail Fest 2018» – $22.

After 31.08.2018 electronic registration on the site is closed. The opportunity to register is subjected to availability for the relevant (desired) part of the festival and with the payment of a fee immediately before the start.

In the case of cancellation of the application by 15.08.2018, 50% of the fee is refunded to the participant. After August 15, 2018 the fee is not refundable. The participant can transfer the paid application to another participant in agreement with the organizers.

In the case of switching from a smaller to a larger package, the participant must pay the difference. In the case of switching from a larger to a smaller Package, the participant does not return the difference.

  1. Accomodation.

Basic Package participants are guaranteed accommodation in a hotel in Almaty on September 27-29, a tent-place in the field overnight and accommodation in the villages of Sata and Chunja during the “Almaty Region unicycle Adventure Tour 2018”. Full Package adds to all above accommodation in the hotel on October 4-7.

  1. Annotation.

We strongly recommend that all participants undergo a medical examination and have insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances. A doctor’s certificate of admission to the tour and competitions is desirable, but not mandatory.

  1. Contacts.




Phone: +7 705 775 04 12 (Kechutkina Anastassiya)

Phone: +7 707 102 02 54 (Formanuk Evgeniya)