About Us

Unicycling is riding on a unicycle (a single-wheeled “bicycle”, a monocycle); a sports direction that combines high-quality physical activity, entertainment and simple transport for everyday movements.

Unicycle directions

There are six main areas in unicycling - freestyle, trial, street, flatland, tourism, freeride; for each of them there are typical models of unicycles.

International Federation

International Unicycling Federation (IUF), oversees all major world competitions, including the bi-annual main competition for all unicyclists - "Unicon".

Manufacturers of unicycles

There are a number of large serial manufacturers of unicycles, the most famous of which are Kris Holm, Impact, Mad4one, Nimbus, UDC Club.

Geography of unicycling

There are large communities and federations all over the world, and dozens of countries are represented at the biannual world championships

Kazakhstan doesn’t have its federation yet , but we are striving for it! As a team the community “Unicycle.kz” was born in September 2017 in Almaty, but the movement of unicycle sports of Kazakhstan  was born in the beginning of the 2010 year in the city of Aktau. It was there that for the first time in Kazakhstan appeared not circus, but sports unicycles.

In the fall of 2013, a wave of enthusiasm unicycleed to Almaty. It was here that unicycling began to form as a full-fledged movement in order to finally announce itself in 2017.