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From 5 to October 13 there is a unique event taking place in Almaty, Kazakhstan – a mountain unicycling festival. The festival has two parts: a 5-day unicycle tour through the beautiful landscapes of Kazakhstan, and a mountain-unicycle weekend/competition in Almaty to promote the sport of unicycling in Kazakhstan.

If you like to travel and are eager to visit new places, if you enjoy offroad unicycling and would like to ride a lot of different and beautiful landscapes with lots of nice people, if you like to test your skills and compete, this festival is exactly what you need!

Goals and objectives

Development and promotion of unicycling in Kazakhstan.

Popularization of a healthy lifestyle.

Enhance participants' sportsmanship.

Development of domestic and foreign tourism.

The basis of the festival is to promote a particular discipline of unicycling: off-road riding. The first stage of the festival is only open for unicyclists who had pre-registered for Almaty Trail; “Almaty Trail”; the other stages are open to all comers and are aimed at the popularization of unicycling. The first part of the festival is restricted because it will take place in a remote mountainous area and is potentially unsafe.

Оne-wheeled trip
•5-11 october

An outdoor tour of Almaty region nature sights, only for pre-registered unicyclists.

Alatau trail Fest
•12 october

A sports festival with competitions in the following areas: trail running, mountain biking, duathlon (MTB + trail running,), Nordic walking and mountain unicycling. Pre-registration is required.

Apple wheel
•13 october

An open-to-the-public festival celebrating wheeled sports in Almaty.



Unicycle Club in Kazakhstan


Creative-event club


Public Foundation


Anastasiya Kechutkina

Responsible for sports content (offroad tour and muni competitions); representative of the club “Unicycle.kz”.
+7 705 775 04 12
Responsible for public relations and content of the “Apple wheel” event; volunteer coordinator.
+ 7 705 238 52 88
Responsible for the financial and administrative aspects; director of the public foundation “Interlegal”.
+ 7 747 838 3830
Responsible for public relation,  technical support, head of the club “Neopisuemo.kz”.
+ 7 701 610 3141


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